Relyence Reliability Prediction Overview

Relyence Reliability Prediction is a modern, friendly, and powerful tool to assist you in doing your MIL-HDBK-217, Telcordia, and China’s 299C reliability predictions. By providing rapid data entry, accurate built-in calculations, component libraries, and flexible reporting, Relyence Reliability Prediction provides the power you need. And, to fully support today’s collaborative workplaces, you can access Relyence Reliability Prediction from any computer, tablet, and smartphone … from anywhere. This tremendous flexibility allows you the freedom of analyzing your data and creating reports at a time and place of your choosing.

Relyence Reliability Prediction – Streamlining MTBF analysis with rapid data entry and accurate calculations.

Relyence FRACAS Overview

Relyence FRACAS provides a robust platform for tracking and managing your Corrective and Preventive Action process. Relyence FRACAS ensures that your process is in compliance and under control with a completely customizable process flow, built-in escalation of incidents to problems, and workflow features. You can effectively manage your product, process, or service related issues to monitor health, safety, risk, and environmental concerns. Relyence FRACAS can help you meet your ISO-9001, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100, and APQP requirements.

Relyence FRACAS incorporates a wealth of additional features for comprehensive correction action management including: out-of-the-box support for 8D, DMAIC, and PDCA processes; customizable process control; integrated workflow; team assignments; data importing and exporting capabilities; flexible reporting; and a powerful dashboard for actionable items or management insight.

Relyence FRACAS – offering the anytime, anywhere platform you need for complete corrective action process control

Relyence RBD

Relyence RBD Overview

Relyence RBD combines a visual and friendly interface for creating Reliability Block Diagrams with a powerful calculation engine. Used to analyze products that contain redundant components, Relyence RBD allows you to perform trade-off studies in order to evaluate the benefits of incorporating redundancy. You can quickly model your system, experiment with various scenarios, and see the resulting calculations of your reliability, availability, expected number of failures, and much more. And, to fully support today’s collaborative workplaces, you can access Relyence Reliability RBD from any computer, tablet, and smartphone … from anywhere. As opposed to being tied to a particular computer, this tremendous flexibility allows you to work when and where you choose including at your coworker’s desk, in a conference room, or at a customer’s site.

Relyence RBD – Providing powerful redundancy calculations in a friendly and flexible interface.

Relyence FMEA Overview

Relyence FMEA is a flexible and powerful tool supporting a broad range of standard methodologies including AIAG, SAE, MIL-STD-1629, and completely custom formats for Failure Mode and Effects Analyses. Additionally, you can use Relyence FMEA to manage your Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Process Control Plans (PCPs). Relyence FMEA’s unique always-in-sync™ technology means that your analyses are complete, efficient, and effective. With Relyence FMEA, you can spend time focusing on what’s truly important: ensuring your system meets your quality, safety, reliability, and process control objectives.

Relyence FMEA – the only FMEA package offering collaboration, effectiveness, compliance, and connectivity in one comprehensive platform.

Relyence Fault Tree Overview

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is a top-down, deductive technique used to determine the probability that undesired events will occur. You can model safety and risk of many types of systems, from human processes to complex interactions that occur in electro-mechanical systems.

Relyence Fault Tree provides a powerful platform for constructing fault tree diagrams, modeling input events, and performing a variety of calculations to assess the likelihood of undesired events and the combinations of contributing factors that would cause those undesired events. With support for a variety of input models for your events; an array of gate types; computation of unavailability, importance measures, and minimal cut sets; and with web-based or local hosting, Relyence Fault Tree provides the capabilities you need for comprehensive risk assessment using fault tree techniques.

Relyence Fault Tree welcomes you to the next generation in fault tree analytics.