• Powerful Calculation Engine

    Automatically compute a host of results using the built-in analytical and Monte Carlo simulation calculation engine.

    RBD Calculations
  • Relyence RBD

    Providing powerful redundancy calculations in a friendly and flexible interface.

  • RBD Dashboard

    Achieve your overall objectives by optimizing redundancy using Relyence RBD.

    RBD Dashboard
Relyence RBD

Relyence RBD (Reliability Block Diagram)

Relyence RBD give you a visual and intuitive interface for creating Reliability Block Diagrams using a powerful calculation engine. With this tool you can perform trade-off studies in order to evaluate the benefits of incorporating redundancy. You can quickly model your system, experiment with various scenarios, and see the resulting calculations of your reliability, availability, expected number of failures, and much more. To fully support today’s collaborative workplaces, you can access Relyence Reliability RBD from any computer, tablet, and smartphone … from anywhere. As opposed to being tied to a particular computer, this tremendous flexibility allows you to work when and where you choose including at your coworker’s desk, in a conference room, or at a customer’s site.

Relyence RBD – Providing powerful redundancy calculations in a friendly and flexible interface.

RBD Diagram

Friendly and Flexible Interface

Relyence RBD provides a fast, easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly create your reliability block diagrams. You simply insert blocks, assign images as desired, and intuitively arrange the blocks as you choose. You can quickly create series, hot standby, cold standby, and parallel configurations. And you can create sub-diagrams to organize large analyses, grouping the block as you desire, and navigating to them quickly using the tree structure that Relyence RBD maintains for you.

A simple click on a block shows the failure and repair properties for that block allowing you to define the redundancy type, failure or repair distribution model, and the properties of the distribution such as failure rate, mean and standard deviation, or MTTR. Adding blocks and setting properties is a snap with Relyence RBD.

Powerful Calculation Engine

The calculations built into Relyence RBD provide a fast and convenient way to compute the results of your reliability block diagrams. You simply select the results you want to see and press Calculate. Relyence RBD then intelligently calculates reliability, unreliability, availability, mean unavailability, total downtime, failure frequency, path sets, and whatever you have chosen. Typical block diagrams can be calculated analytically very quickly, while more complex diagrams and calculation types may require that a Monte Carlo simulation be done on parts of the diagram. Relyence RBD provides the intelligence to know what is required and handles this task automatically for you doing the entire or parts of the analysis analytically while simulating other parts.

RBD Calculations
RBD Dashboard

RBD Dashboard

The Relyence RBD Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of your reliability and availability related metrics. Combining all the data you need for quick assessment, the Dashboard offers the ability to monitor and manage your reliability block diagrams with efficiency and effectiveness. This focused overview enables you to quickly gauge system health, empowering you to react proactively to maintain your reliability objectives and turn insight into action.

RBD Integration

Providing a live link between your reliability predictions and reliability block diagrams is a invaluable capability. As you modify parts parameters in Relyence Reliability Prediction, those changes are automatically reflected in Relyence RBD. Likewise, if you add parts or change your calculation properties in Relyence Reliability Prediction, those changes propagate to Relyence RBD. This automatic linking both speeds your analysis and minimizes errors. Also, it allows you to quickly perform trade studies and what-if? analyses.

RBD Integration
RBD Solutions

RBD Solutions

Relyence RBD, as all Relyence software tools, is built on the Relyence Platform – a highly adaptable and mobile-friendly framework constructed with today’s workplace in mind. Relyence RBD can be hosted in the Microsoft Cloud to take advantage of Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure platform, hosted in your own private secure cloud, or installed on-premise at your location. All platforms provide the same features and functions. And the choice is yours!

Why Relyence RBD?

There are a numerous additional reasons to choose Relyence RBD including:

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access. With proper permissions, you can access Relyence RBD from the web wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • Device Independence. Operating in your favoite browser allows you to use your computer, tablet, or smartphone for convenient access.
  • Design Elegance. We believe that, in addition to being powerful, your tools need to be intuitive to use and attractive to view. Relyence RBD meets that goal.
  • Data Security. You choose the type of security your data requires whether hosed in the Microsoft Cloud or on your own hardware.
  • Increased Collaboration. All Relyence products are designed for today’s fast-paced, global environment allowing distributed teams to work more effectively.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance. When on a maintenance plan, all upgrades are available to you when you choose. If hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, we handle it for you making upgrades a breeze.
  • No IT Requirements. If you choose Relyence RBD to be hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, we handle the hardware for you and your team.
  • No Training Required. Gone are the days when you have time to sit through a long training sessions. Relyence RBD is designed to load up and go.
  • Money-Back Guarantee. We are confident in our products and always offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.
Why Relyence RBD?

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