Relyence FRACAS Overview

Relyence FRACAS provides a robust platform for tracking and managing your Corrective and Preventive Action process. Relyence FRACAS ensures that your process is in compliance and under control with a completely customizable process flow, built-in escalation of incidents to problems, and workflow features. You can effectively manage your product, process, or service related issues to monitor health, safety, risk, and environmental concerns. Relyence FRACAS can help you meet your ISO-9001, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100, and APQP requirements.

Relyence FRACAS incorporates a wealth of additional features for comprehensive correction action management including: out-of-the-box support for 8D, DMAIC, and PDCA processes; customizable process control; integrated workflow; team assignments; data importing and exporting capabilities; flexible reporting; and a powerful dashboard for actionable items or management insight.

Relyence FRACAS – offering the anytime, anywhere platform you need for complete corrective action process control

Relyence FRACAS Brochure

FRACAS Workflow

Relyence FRACAS was designed and built from the ground up based on the knowledge that no Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action (FRACAS) processes are the same. You need a FRACAS tool that can be tailored to your requirements, and not vice-versa. You can use one of our built-in 8D, DMAIC, or PDCA templates, customize a template to suit your needs, or even create a completely unique process for issue management. Relyence FRACAS can be used to aid in your compliance with various domestic and international standards such as ISO-9001 and ISO/TS 16949. Learn more.

Use one of the built-in problem solving processes or design your own using the Relyence Process Designer.

Enter issues and solve problems using the 8D, PDCA, DMAIC, or a custom process on your choice of device.

Failure Tracking

Relyence FRACAS is the hub for all your FRACAS activities. You can track your issues, such as field failures, customer complaints, test failures, or any incident of concern. You can also escalate incidents, or groups of related incidents, to Problem Reports for well-controlled management and close-out. Using Relyence FRACAS for your corrective and preventive action activities ensures your process remains organized, efficient, and measurable.

FRACAS Dashboard

The Relyence FRACAS Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of your FRACAS related metrics. Combining all the data you need for quick assessment, the Dashboard offers the ability to monitor and manage your FRACAS process with efficiency and effectiveness. This focused overview enables you to quickly gauge system health, empowering you to react proactively to maintain your reliability and quality objectives and turn insight into action.

Bring your most important metrics to life using with the Relyence CAPA Dashboard.

Compare CAPA/FRACAS field metrics with predicted values from Relyence Reliability Prediction..

FRACAS Integration

The unique capabilities of Relyence FRACAS allow you to “close the loop”. By providing innovative data sharing and integration features, Relyence ensures your reliability tools no longer are single-action silos. Your reliability and quality metrics are intelligently tied together to provide a true closed-loop feedback system. In Relyence FRACAS, Incidents and Problems can be tied together for effective close-out, Incidents and Problems can be associated with your product components for tracking purposes, and in conjunction with Relyence Reliability Prediction you can compare your FRACAS field metrics to predicted values. Learn more.

FRACAS Features

The Relyence FRACAS comprehensive platform for issue management is rounded out with an impressive list of features and functions to enhance your process control activities. Data importing and exporting, workflow control and team management, visual block diagrams, attachment management, and flexible filtering and reporting are some of the additional capabilities that make Relyence FRACAS a stand-out in corrective and preventive action platforms. Learn more.

Relyence CAPA’s integrated workflow is one of the many additional capabilities that you will learn to rely on.

Use Relyence CAPA in the Microsoft Cloud, in your own private cloud, or at your facility.

FRACAS Solutions

Relyence FRACAS, as all Relyence software tools, is built on the Relyence Platform – a highly adaptable and mobile-friendly framework constructed with today’s workplace in mind. Relyence FRACAS can be hosted in the Microsoft Cloud to take full advantage of Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure platform, hosted in your own private secure cloud, or installed on-premise at your location. All platforms provide the same features and functions. And the choice is yours!

Why Relyence FRACAS?

To name just one of the unique advantages of Relyence FRACAS: the ability to access your corrective action process management tool anytime, anywhere, and on any device – including your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. There are a multitude of additional reasons to choose Relyence FRACAS as your process management platform – a quick learning curve, no IT resources required, hassle-free maintenance, cost control, and increased team collaboration. Forms provide the same features and functions. And the choice is yours!

Relyence CAPA provides anytime, anywhere, any device access, allowing you to work when, where, and how you choose.

A flexible corrective action system supports corrective action, preventive action, FRACAS, APQP, and QMS processes.

FRACAS Fundamentals

FRACAS, or Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System, is a process for managing issues that occur with any type of system, product, or process. There are many other terms used to describe the same, or similar, process including CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action), CA (Corrective Action), APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), and QMS (Quality Management System). These methods provide a means of improving reliability, quality, operation, and safety by systematically managing issues as they occur.