Relyence Fault Tree Overview

With Relyence Fault Tree you get a powerful tool for constructing fault tree diagrams, modelling input events, and performing a variety of calculations to assess the likelihood of undesired events and the combinations of contributing factors that would cause those undesired events. With support for a variety of input models for your events; an array of gate types; computation of unavailability, importance measures, and minimal cut sets; and with web-based or local hosting, This tool will provide you with the capabilities you need for comprehensive risk assessment using fault tree techniques.

Relyence welcomes you to the next generation in fault tree analytics.

Relyence Fault Tree Brochure

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Relyence Fault Tree combines a flexible framework with a user-friendly interface for small and large scale risk assessments. With its intuitive interface it is easy to construct well-organized and visually appealing fault tree diagrams. By dragging and dropping logic gates and events, the FTA tool will ensure you get all the features you need for comprehensive risk analysis.

Bring your most important metrics to life using the Relyence Dashboard.

Comprehensive and powerful calculations with a wide variety of input models.

High-Powered Analytics

Coupled with impressive diagramming capabilities, the Relyence Fault Tree high-powered calculation engine computes all your most important risk and safety metrics. You can choose to perform exact calculations, run simulations, and select from an array of calculation results including unavailability, failure frequency, as well as importance measures and cut-set analysis. There is also support for an expansive set of input models including failure rate, failure rate with repair, asymptotic unavailability, and constant probability.

Fault Tree Dashboard

The Relyence Fault Tree Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of your risk and safety related metrics. Combining all the data you need for quick assessment, the Dashboard offers the ability to monitor and manage your analyses with efficiency and effectiveness. This focused overview enables you to quickly gauge system health, empowering you to react proactively to maintain your risk and safety objectives and turn insight into action.

Relyence provides a friendly interface for creating and organizing FTA models of any size.

Relyence software tools includes a host of capabilities making sure your analyses can be accomplished with ease and accuracy.

Fault Tree Features

Relyence Fault Tree’s comprehensive platform for creation, management, and modelling is rounded out with a robust feature set to enhance your analysis – including flexible report generation, support for attachments, and features to manage and organize your analyses.

FTA Solutions

Relyence Fault Tree, as all Relyence software tools, is built on the Relyence Platform – a highly adaptable and mobile-friendly framework constructed with today’s workplace in mind. As a result of this the suite of software can be hosted in the Microsoft Cloud to take advantage of Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure platform, hosted in your own private secure cloud, or installed on-premise at your location. All platforms provide the same features and functions. And the choice is yours!

Use Relyence Reliability Suite in the Microsoft Cloud, in your own private cloud, or at your facility.

Relyence provides anytime, anywhere, any device access, allowing you to work when, where, and how you choose.

Why Relyence Fault Tree?

To name just one of the unique advantages of Relyence Fault Tree: the ability to access your data anytime, anywhere, and on any device – including your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. So, there are a multitude of additional reasons to choose Relyence as your tool for FTA – a quick learning curve, no IT resources required, hassle-free maintenance, and increased team collaboration.

Fault Trees Fundamentals

FTA is a top-down deductive approach used to analyze risk and safety issues. Starting with a highly catastrophic or undesirable event, boolean logic is employed to model the effects of low level events which ultimately may lead to the top level failure.

FTA is a powerful technique in effectively modelling systems which have numerous interactions.

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